Privacy policy

Welcome to our discount and coupon website (“gadget chronicles"). We are committed to preserving your privacy on our website. This Privacy Statement describes our practices for gathering, using, disclosing, and safeguarding the information you provide via the Site.

We want to let you know what information we gather, how it's used, and your options and legal rights. Additionally, we want you to see the security precautions we take about your information and how we utilize cookies and related technologies.


This document, which should be read with the entire policy, defines some of the main words in the website's privacy statement.

• Data: Data is any information, including personally identifiable data like name, email address, contact information, and IP address, directly or indirectly obtained from users.

• A user is any person or entity that utilizes or accesses the website or its services.

• The practice of acquiring user information, including but not limited to personal data, is known as data collection.

• Utilization of Data: Utilization of Data is utilizing user information to provide services or enhance the website.

• Data storage is the process of safely retaining user information on website servers.

• Data Sharing: Data sharing is disclosing user information to affiliates, advertisers, or third parties.

• Opt-in/Opt-out: The user's ability to decide whether to share their data with the website is referred to as opt-in/opt-out. Users have the option of sharing or not sharing their info.

• Data security is preventing unauthorized access to or misuse of user data. This includes security precautions, encryption, consistent backups, and limited access.

• You refer to the person accessing or using the service or, as appropriate, the business or other lawful entity on behalf of which the user is accessing or using the service.

• Third Party: Describes a service like

• Search Engine Analyses

• Search Engine AdSense

• AdWords on Google

• Amazon Affiliates

• In ClickBank

• Lead Generation on Twitter

• Pages, Stores, and Apps on Facebook

• Store on Google Play

• The App Store for Ios

Only when it is voluntarily submitted to us, do we gather personal data. We don't use tracking software to collect data about people visiting our website. Your personal information will not be transferred, sold, or rented to outside parties.


Small data files, known as cookies, are kept on a user's computer or mobile device. They are employed to keep tabs on user behaviour and preferences and even to tailor specific experiences. We gather and store data about our visitors browsing choices and habits using cookies on our website. This enables us better to personalize our services to the needs of our consumers.

We may also use cookies to monitor the effectiveness of our affiliate marketing initiatives. This lets us see which campaigns are more effective and which require improvement. We may also use cookies to examine visitor and usage data on our website. This aids in our comprehension of how users interact with our website and enables us to tailor it better to meet their needs. We may also employ cookies to identify our customers and their behaviour on our website. Showcasing the most relevant products and discounts based on our clients' prior interactions with our website enables us to offer a more individualized experience for them.

Please note that cookies are not used to store private data like passwords or credit card numbers. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. Thus, all information gathered by cookies is kept confidential and used only for the abovementioned purposes.


We are an affiliated company, and content, coupons, banners, or blogs may link to third-party websites. Appropriate information will be provided on any page containing links to third parties. However, their privacy policies govern all information, including registration, on third-party websites or platforms. Management has no control over the disclosure and use of specific data. We are also not responsible for the content provided on third-party websites. 


We might refresh the Privacy policy out of the blue in our only caution. However, we will notify you by updating this page on the website or by sending a copy to your email address. We updated this page's "last updated" date and encouraged you to read the privacy policy. If you have any questions about the privacy policy or concerns about the deletion of the information collected, please get in touch with us.