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Male And Female Bags And Purses


The function of the bag began to differ for men and women at the start of the eighteenth century. Men no longer wore leather or cloth bags suspended from a long drawstring at the waist, though they might resort to slipping a small, netted purse into their sleeve or slung over the belt buckle. As the century progressed, the idea of an elaborate bag with a drawstring or handle became increasingly associated with women. Men were compelled to cram their necessities into specially made wallets that included everything from a compass to nail scissors and a snuff bottle as masculine fashion became even more streamlined with tight breeches and cutaway coats.


Women in the eighteenth century wore large pear shaped pockets around their hips beneath their dresses and carried small purses on their wrists, large silk and cotton workbags for knotting, and personal items. Long before the handbag in its current form existed, all of this extra space gave rise to a handbag culture. Women became accustomed to carrying their work bags around socially and slipping extras like fans, smelling salts, cosmetics, and opera glasses inside for the evening. In addition, they took tiny leather bound pocketbooks with recipes, calendars, songs, saint days, and engravings of the newest hat and dress styles in their modest pockets.


Most Popular Purse Designs


The most popular purse designs and the best dress codes for them are listed below.




A small bag with two shoulder straps is known as a backpack purse. The backpack purse is smaller than a typical backpack but still has a nod to the classic school bag, giving it a younger and more laid back look that is great for everyday wear but too casual for business casual or semi formal dress codes.


Barrel Bag


A barrel bag is a cylindrical bag with two short straps for carrying in hand and, occasionally, a shoulder strap for carrying over the shoulder. The barrel bag offers a little more formality when traveling than a duffel bag but is not casual enough to be used as a daily bag.


Basket Bag


A basket bag is made of thin pieces of wicker or wood woven into an enclosed shape. Typically, a knob or latch is used to open and close the top, and there may also be one or two short handles. For daytime occasions like picnics or brunch, basket bags are a cute, whimsical addition to a dressy casual outfit like a sundress or jumper.


Belt Bag 


A belt bag is a hands free purse that fastens with a buckle around your waist. Compared to the ultra casual fanny pack, belt bags are more structured, versatile, and slightly more formal. When you`re out and about during the day running errands, they can be a fun, informal way to carry necessities. For a night out with friends in the evening, you can sling the belt bag around a dress or other dressy casual attire or a date. However, because they cannot accommodate necessities for the workplace, such as laptops, this bag type is not the best option for business casual attire.


Bucket Bag


Bucket bags are named for its bucket like shape and is excellent for carrying various items. It typically has a drawstring closure at the top. The most appropriate bucket bag attire is business casual, smart casual, or casual.


Crossbody Bag


Crossbody bags are one of the most popular and functional handbags. The bag has a long shoulder strap that you can wear across your body or over your shoulder. Crossbody bags come in various styles, such as the saddlebag a horseshoe shaped bag with a flap cover and bucket bag. Crossbody bags go well with business, dressy, and casual attire. However, for formal gatherings and occasions, this bag style is inappropriate.




`clutch` refers to carrying a small, thin bag without a handle. For formal occasions, such as cocktail parties, black ties, and white ties, a clutch bag is a go to accessory including the classic envelope clutch. Larger clutches are a good choice for a laptop bag for business attire because they can also fit laptops.


Drawstring Bag


A drawstring bag is a casual bag made of nylon or cloth with a drawstring closure on top, an open interior, and straps for carrying. These bags work best for everyday daily use and running errands.


Duffle Bag


A duffle bag, also known as a duffle bag, is a sizable, unstructured bag that is ideal for travel or overnight stays. It typically has two top handles and one long strap that can be worn as a shoulder bag. This bag style is a casual choice for people traveling for leisure rather than for business or a fancy event. It is typically made from canvas for durability.


Satchel Bag


The messenger bag`s close relative, the suitcase, has a long shoulder strap and a flap that fastens over the top. A satchel is typically less structured and thinner than a traditional messenger bag. For business casual attire and casual errands, satchels are a common choice.


Slouchy Bag


A slouchy bag, also known as a hobo bag, is an open, unstructured bag with two carrying handles. Slouchy bags frequently come in generous sizes to hold a variety of items. These big bags are great for casual wear especially beach trips since they often fit towels or business casual wear, however, they are typically too big and unstructured for formal business attire or evenings out.


Tote Bag


A tote bag resembles a slouchy bag in shape but is typically made of a flimsier canvas or fabric. Totes are casual bags that are frequently used for errands and shopping.




A wristlet resembles a clutch in appearance because it is a compact, thin, rectangular bag that is typically only big enough to hold a small wallet, a phone, or a few credit cards. A wristlet, however, also has a wrist strap that enables the wearer to keep the wristlet fastened to their arm even when they are not using it as a clutch. Date nights and black or white tie events are great occasions to wear wristlets.


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