Since ancient times, humans have explored the stars and astrological signs for spiritual guidance. In fact, this tradition has been followed for centuries. However, people`s interest in astrology has grown rapidly over the past few decades. Zodiac and horoscope columns are now a prominent feature of newspapers, magazines, and the internet. From daily horoscope reads to articles about how to dress up or follow a lifestyle according to your zodiac sign, astrology has gained massive popularity worldwide. Especially during the recent unprecedented times, people have become more appealed to astrology to seek information about themselves and the recent events. And yet, the current appeal of astrology has allowed people to apply zodiac ideas in their existence.

Ever since astrology has blown up in recent years, wearing something that shows off your zodiac sign has been a rising trend. Be it your t-shirt or statement jewelry, and zodiac fashion is an easy and stylish way to tell others so much about you. Over time, people have been wearing their zodiac signs and birthstones as a charm for good luck. Zodiac fans generally believe that wearing such jewelry reflects their inner personalities or empowers them in some way. Look at our curated Zodiac jewelry pieces below for a more inspired gift idea for birthdays, graduation presents or bridesmaid gifts, or even for yourself.

1.     Zodiac Necklaces

When it comes to zodiac jewelry, every astrology fanatic needs at least one necklace with its star sign. If you like this trend, MaeMae Jewelry has a unique and whimsical collection of zodiac jewelry, with personalized gems to match your sign and energy. As a zodiac jewelry lover, incorporating a personalized sign necklace as a part of your daily wardrobe makes the most sense. Ahead, check out some of the top recommended zodiac necklaces from our favorite MaeMae Jewelry store:


  • Zodiac Medallion Necklace

Embrace your star sign with this 14k Gold-Filled Zodiac medallion necklace. With its classic golden sparkle, it will look like you are wearing the magic of the stars. Each piece is a gold-filled medallion coin engraved with your personal astrological sign.

  • Light after Dark | Sun & Moon Charm Necklace

This Light After Dark Necklace is one of the best-selling necklaces at MaeMae. This charming piece is thought to have magical properties. It includes a beautifully illustrated message card that reads:

`Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.`

So, this piece makes a perfect gift for any occasion, bringing hope and positivity to the one who wears it. This beautiful necklace tends to give energy just as much as you need it.

2.     Astrology-themed Stud Earrings

What`s more stunning than a pair of astrology-themed studs for your everyday style statement? Whether you are looking to gift someone or treat yourself, the horoscope-inspired studs are an excellent choice that one can wear with pride. As we mentioned above, no one does zodiac jewelry like Maemae, and their zodiac-themed earrings are a great way to cheer up any astrology fan. 

Apart from the zodiac sign earrings, one of our favorite sparkly studs features Crescent Moon and Stars to make you feel star-studded. Whether you are dressing for a formal occasion or a casual meetup, these pairs of studs are a unique way to flaunt your astrological vibes.

3.     Zodiac Bracelets

Accessorizing with a bracelet is an elegant yet chic way to complete your overall look. A personalized zodiac bracelet would be a fantastic and unique addition to your jewelry haul. The zodiac bracelets create a divine connection between a person and their horoscope. So it comes with no surprise that a personalized zodiac-themed bracelet will add a spotlight too even the most casual attire. The astrological sign bracelets make an excellent gift for your loved ones and other horoscope devotees, as they never go out of style. The best thing is that you can choose your favorite charms and design your customized charm bracelet using your zodiac sign to spruce up any outfits.

Our top pick is this Custom Stone Bracelet by Maemae jewelry, uniquely crafted from your choice of beads, metal spacers, and charms. If you are zodiac obsessed but do not wish to display your signs, opt for something purely stellar like this Custom Stone Bracelet, which features birthstones and makes it a one-of-a-kind healing stone bracelet.

Final words

Wearing a zodiac sign in the form of jewelry is a way to connect with yourself on a deeper level, which is what ultimately inspired us to create this piece of writing if you haven`t yet updated your collection with the celestial pieces, head ahead to Maemae, which features a wide range of classic astrological jewelry, from necklaces and rings to bracelets and even horoscope books.