Dogs are friendly and loving creatures, and I do not know what we did to deserve the canine beasts. As a pet owner, we welcome these beautiful creatures into our home, often sharing our spaces, making them comfortable, and even in some instances, the part of our bed as well. We would do anything for our furry friends; our impure and pounding love for the dogs might make us sneak some treats under the table. 

But that does not necessarily mean it is the right treatment for your canine friend. Having the best intentions does not always have great outcomes. In some cases, these treats can cause extreme damage to your pet`s health. As we take them in our homes, it falls upon us to take care of the pets to make sure nothing bad happens to them, and it also involves what goes into their mouths. Some of our favorite items might fall upon this list which definitely means you need to keep them away from your pets.


There is a chemical component in chocolate called theobromine and it also contains caffeine. These two items are extremely dangerous to the appetite of your pet, specifically cats and dogs. Whilst dark chocolates can cause more severe damage, it does not include milk chocolates any safer. Even the smallest amount of it digested in their stomachs can cause restlessness, Elevated heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, seizure, and death in chronic cases.


But there is a substitute for chocolate which you can feed your dog and watch them jump with overwhelming happiness. American journeys` freshly baked cooked cookies wrapped in a bag is a perfect substitute to keep your dog happy and excited about what`s to come.

Raisins and Grapes

The outcome of letting your pets eat raisins and grapes is not always certain. Some pets can digest a couple of each item. However, in other instances, they might not show signs of illness at first, but it can lead to kidney failure and death if left untreated. It is vital to consider this and refrain from feeding them to your pets. 


If you would like to hand out small yet delicious treats simultaneously and it does not cause any damage to your pet`s health. MLK`s bone soft and chewy treats are a mix of real beef infused with a smoke flavor, which will surely spark up the joy in your dog`s eyes every time they hear the crinkle of the wrapper, preferred for dogs with tender gums or any species which appreciates soft treats.


As a human being my love for cinnamon and the rich flavor with the sweet exotic aroma it brings to the food can not be ignored. But it is not exactly the same for our furry beasts. 

Dogs should never be near cinnamon, nor should they eat it. It is not exactly toxic for your dog, but it can cause irritation inside the mouths of your pet. In rare instances, it can even make them sick and lower the blood sugar level of the dogs, which can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, depleted heart rate, and cause harm to the liver. Inhaling the powder can cause breathing difficulties and choke your furry friends.


If you would like to offer something sweet and savory to your dogs, the best way is to opt for Hill`s natural soft savories, it is a mix of blended banana and peanut made with all-natural ingredients and zero artificial flavors.

Fat Trimmings of Bacon and Ham

Ham and bacon are a source of meat protein, but they also contain an abysmal amount of salt in them. At the very least it can elevate the heart rate of your dogs and cause indigestion. In more severe instances, the trimming can result in pancreatitis, a chronic condition that causes inflation in your canine friend`s pancreas. It is best to avoid giving them a slick of bacon or some fat trimming.


However, provide them a treat full of protein and has a good flavor, so your dog enjoys it while getting the daily dose of nourishment. I and many others like me use Good `n` fun triple flavor kabobs chicken, which is high in protein and satisfies your dog`s urge to chew. It also reduces tartar buildup hence promoting better dental hygiene.


You might not be familiar with the term "xylitol." It is a sweetener that is often used in multiple products and generally can be found in anything from medications to peanut butter. Butter syrup for pancakes and our moisturizing lip balms all have this particular ingredient. Make sure to clearly check the Ingredients in the product before feeding it to your dog. They might appreciate the taste in the beginning, but after digestion of even small amounts, xylitol can decrease blood sugar levels, cause vomiting, weakness, and even seizure or liver failure. It is better to steer clear of anything with xylitol.

The list does not end here, there are many more items like alcohol, garlic, avocado, but there is only so much that we can control, instead of giving treats and food that is meant for humans and not dogs. Your best bet is that shopping from places like chewy is far more beneficial. They not only have a huge collection of treats for all types of pets, but every product available on the platform is beneficial to your pets` nourishment in one way or the other.