Finding the perfect gift for men can be very tricky, be it birthday, valentine`s day, anniversary, graduation day or any special occasion. The huge variety of options can seem quite stressful, but if you are aware of the gift receiver`s interest, you got lucky! It is a great idea to surprise your loved one with a gift that will impress him. There are men like your father, brother or grandfather who would say that they don`t need anything special. But deep inside, everyone has a wish list for some special occasions. Whether it`s their favorite perfume, watch, shoes or even food, there`s something they`d love to have according to their liking.


So, when it comes to getting them a perfect gift, you should figure out their hobby. Let us just say that we all have that one man in life who is a gaming nerd. Even if you are not well aware of the gaming world, you don`t have to worry about treating someone special with his favourite gaming gadgets. Below we have rounded up some of the coolest gadgets that would meet every gamer`s taste.




SXFIAIR GAMER is the latest audio innovation by Creative Labs with Bluetooth® 4.2 technology. The GamerChat feature allows you to answer a call during the game and chat with teammates on platforms. In addition, the Super X-Fi offers an exceptional feature where you can personalize your audio experience as per your preference. With SXFI AIR GAMER, you can enjoy all the cinematic effects in your gameplay and imagine your real life as the actual cinema. Most importantly, the headset is comfortable enough to be worn for hours. To sum it up, SXFI AIR GAMER is a powerful gaming headset packed with all the latest features, which would surely make it a delightful surprise for your gamer friend.


Sound Blaster GC7


Unsure of what to gift someone who already has a gaming console? Another hit gaming product by Creative Labs, the Sound Blaster GC7, will be the best present to offer. Equipped with a dual-DSP system, the Sound Blaster GC7 provides its gamers with an opportunity for victory by using tools such as SXFI BATTLE Mode and Scout Mode. In addition, it supports efficient connectivity with PC / Mac, Console and mobile as well. Ultimately, it is an easily capable, adaptable, user-friendly gadget that would not only enhance your gaming experience but also it`ll likely become your go-to option for anything audio related you do in your home, office or anywhere else.


Wireless Gaming Mouse


If you are totally clueless about what to get, this is the perfect gaming gift you can`t go wrong with. You would hardly know a gamer who would not be pleased with a wireless gaming mouse. Spice up their game levels by adding a mouse pad as a cherry on top. In contrast, there is a wide range of wireless mice to choose from. The key factors to consider while buying a mouse are to make sure that the device is ideal for your game, light-weight, handy to use, possesses excellent battery life and does not cost the earth.


Gaming Chair


What`s a better gift for a gamer than a gaming chair? Sitting up straight for long hours in the same position can be uncomfortable and harmful for anyone. The long gaming sessions may cause numerous health issues such as back, neck, shoulder pain and posture issues. This will be his best support if you gift your gamer friend a comfortable gaming chair. If you`re going to invest in a gaming chair for a loved one or yourself, make it the BirdRock model. It is not like the usual armchairs that go against your entire furniture setting. It is very comfortable and supportive for gaming on the floor and is much more chic-looking than other available options.


Gaming is not only a hobby but also an obsession for avid gamers. This is why we have curated the top trending gift ideas for your ease. If you are still undecided, head to Creative Labs to see their gaming products range for more options.