Art is a skill and a gift that is only given to a very few people from God. That’s right! Not everyone has the power to create meaningful paintings nor everyone can understand the subtle meaning of art. But to create meaningful paintings, one must have a set of great quality art materials that could bring life into a lifeless painting.

However, buying artistic materials is not child’s play, especially, if you are new to the world of art. And while many stores are advertising their products to be “THE BEST”, the case often turns out to be otherwise. This is why today we are going to learn more about a store named Cassart which was established back in 1984 and since then they have promised to deliver great quality art materials to well-known artists under a very affordable price range. So, without further ado, let’s now figure out what Cassart is all about, we will also be discussing some of the best-sellers that are currently being featured on their website.

5 Factors You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying Artistic Materials

Know What You Are Really Upto

Buying art supplies is not as easy as it looks. In fact, different paintings require a distinct set of tools that you might use in order to create attractive paintings. Therefore, you must plan according to the art you will be specializing in. However, if you have just stepped into the world of art and are still practising as a beginner then you shall proceed with buying basic art supplies such as sketching tools and coloured pencils.

Plan Your Budget

Like other products, you should plan your budget before buying art supplies. For instance, if your art teacher has given you an art project which requires detailed decision making then planning your budget should be the first thing you shall keep in your mind. Visit different stores and compare each product that is relevant to your art project.

Consider Buying Art Supplies Online

That’s right! You should prefer online stores over brick-and-mortar ones as it would not only save you costs but will allow you to browse through different products patiently. Offline stores are discouraged due to huge lines piled up at the cash counter. However, prioritize the store that could allow you to check your products before making a purchase decision just like Cass art.

Buy Products From Well-Known Stores

Just like I mentioned earlier that art materials require quality, otherwise they wouldn’t reflect the true meaning of what you have created. Thus, one should buy products from a well-known store like Cassart itself that offers you a full refund, in case, your products turn out to be faulty. Moreover, all their products are great in quality and are available at mid-range prices.

Consider Alternatives

Don’t shy off from choosing alternatives, if you really think that a certain product is being offered at a discounted price elsewhere then you should probably go for it! However, don’t get fooled by the compelling price tags as many stores offer such discounts to reduce their obsolete stock that is near expiration, do keep an eye out there!

Best-Sellers At Cass Art

Posca Paint Marker PC-5M and PC-7M Assorted Colors Set of 12

Markers add another star to your painting, however, if they are not chosen wisely, they can be your worst and the first enemy to ruin what you have created. This brings my attention towards the Posca paint markers set that are ideal for all types of paintings and can be used by both amateurs and professionals. Moreover, the combination of PC-5M and PC-7M allows you to get the best experience while drawing paintings and makes it resistant to water.

Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Set of 24

Chemists William Winsor and Henry Newton were the first painters who invented moist watercolours back in 1835 and since then many artists have tried to create replicas of all their watercolours. But what they don’t understand is that there is nothing like the Winsor and Newton watercolour set which comes in a set of 24 and is equipped with pure colours that add a dreamy 3D effect that you have been searching for all along. However, you must use Natural, synthetic or mixed watercolour brushes as water paints are really sensitive and require delicate brushes.


Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Classic Set of 12 59ml

The Liquitex professional classic set is perhaps the best-selling product in the market right now as it has been created by the world’s most famous acrylic colour brand. The product is inspired by aesthetic natural colours from nature which makes these colours vibrant and attractive once they land on the art sheet. Besides, they are easy to handle and have a soft buttery texture which allows you to paint for hours without getting tired.


Julian Full Size Sketch Box Easel including Carrying Bag

A carrying bag for an artist is like a blessing in disguise as artists travel all over the world to discover different places which is why they carry all their materials with them along the way. Speaking of which, the new carrying bag comes with a full-sized sketch box that is made up of oil beechwood and includes a metal lined drawer with adjustable dividers, brass plated fittings, a linen shoulder strap and moulded feet keeping it stable while drawing paintings indoors or outdoors.


Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencil Set of 120

If you are a fan of water paints then consider buying the new Faber-Castell exclusive that comes with 120 different vibrant colours and is now available at a very affordable price. What’s amazing about these watercolour pencils is that they are resistant to fading due to the high-quality pigment. Moreover, the vibrant colour of these pencils blends easily and forms a layer without any leftover wax on the surface. The 3.8mm lead pencils are water soluble and instantly dry up after you finish your painting.