Covid19 has brought the world to its knees over the past years. Since Covid restrictions on traveling have been lifted, most people are looking for a relaxing vacation to let go of the past year`s stress. However, planning your vacation itinerary can be tiresome and exhausting. Klook can make your vacation more fun by planning your travel plans according to your budget and preferences. The company since its origin in 2014 has made traveling fun and easy for its customers with its variety of travel packages, food and restaurants deals, as well as tickets for movies and other exciting events.

What Is It All About?

Klook is the leading travel activities and services booking platform in the world. They take pride in serving their customers more than 100,000 recreational activities across 400 destinations. The company was founded in 2014 in Hong Kong with the aim to provide its customers high quality and luxurious travel experience within their budget.

The name itself defines the aim of the company. It comes from `Keep looking`, and that is exactly what they do for their customers. They have made it possible for their customers to book their preferred tourist attractions, local tours, rail tickets, staycation and hotel packages, continental food and restaurant, airport transfer, and other incredible experiences by searching from thousands of available choices.

All the Choice

From booking your transfer to the airport to your movie tickets, they have varying options for their customers so that you don`t have to look for alternate options. Their user friendly website has 8 different main categories with hundreds of choices to choose from, all in your budget. They have several tours for must see places, tickets for attractions such as museums and zoos, staycation and hotel booking, food and dining options, private airport transfer, car rental as well as bus and train tickets, and most importantly wifi and sim cards.

Tours to Your Dream Destination

Social media platforms especially Instagram have turned traveling into a kind of luxurious experience. Most people when they go on vacation, usually spend time doing mainstream and overrated activities. With Klook, customers can choose from a variety of experiences and activities. They excel in bridging the gap for tourists who are not sure what recreations or experiences are available at their destination by providing information about local businesses and cultural experiences.

The company takes pride in organizing walking and biking tours to several destinations in Singapore with scenic views and outstanding meals. Desert Safari and Helicopter sightseeing tours in Dubai are the most popular tourist destinations. The air tour option is available for customers in the white sand beaches of Boracay and several other destinations. They offer animal watching, theme park tours, museum tours, and many other attractions and sightseeing activities.

The wine drinking activity in Hunter Island is a famous cultural recreational activity for tourists, the tickets for that can be easily purchased from Klook. They offer various other thrill seeking as well as relaxing staycations with a fine dining experience in more than 400 destinations on all continents. From the Harry Potter World Studio tour for hardcore Potterheads to tour to their favorite football club stadium tour, you can have any experience you dream of.

The company is both for budget friendly and luxury tourists. You can customize your tour according to your budget limit and preference.

Mobile Application

The major hurdle customers face when online booking their tickets is a long wait for email confirmation of tickets and printing of their itinerary. However, the user friendly mobile application interface provides an ease to their customer in booking and organizing their travel plans. Although you may book your activities on the website, having the app on your phone is convenient. Most of the locations for which you order tickets will take the ticket on your phone, eliminating the need to print them, which is environmentally friendly; nevertheless, double check with each destination before your visit to be sure.

Klook through its user data and application of information technology has engineered its mobile application in a way that it provides a complete travel experience more conveniently. The mobile application has five main categories, each category designed in such a way that they cater to your individual travel needs. Each section is dedicated to different parts of your travel plans such as things to do, hotel bookings, tickets and passes, transportation, and wifi and sim card information.

For Them, You Matter

For Klook, their customers, that means you, come first. They have made their goal to satisfy their customers by making their dream travel experience come true. Claiming to be the best in the market they believe in inspiring moments of joy in your travels by handpicking the best experience for you within your budget from hundreds of options. User friendly websites and mobile applications have made the booking process seamless and at the tip of your fingers. With many ongoing discounts, you can save money by booking your dream vacation from the app.