A type of freedom is art. It gives birth to artistic expressions that liberate you from suppressed feelings. You frequently express emotions through creative writing, outstanding work, painting, and sculpture. You could want to tell a trauma you find difficult to discuss by creating drawings of people who represent you. It becomes therapy for you, just like any artwork. The path to expressing your essence is through art. It aids you in overcoming your darkest, most primal fear until you are liberated from all that can tie you to the dark. Would you want to explore art collections? Would you wish to develop your artistic abilities?


To avoid wasting time over compensating your materials, invest a little more in them as you advance in your art. And prioritize quality over quantity when thinking. The cost can pile up quickly if you attempt to improve all your equipment and supplies simultaneously. Consider the components that will affect your result more (paint, brushes, canvas). Try these cass art products to improve your art.


Golden Fluid Acrylics


Practically everything may be colored using acrylic paint. It may be used on various surfaces because it is flexible and resilient. Acrylics can be used on almost any non-greasy texture, including stretched prepared canvas, paper, or board, leather, paper Mache, fabric, cement, glass, brick, and ceramics.


Golden Fluid Acrylics are vivid, long-lasting acrylic paints made without dyes. They provide intense colors without extenders or fillers, with the viscosity of thick cream. These are suitable for staining, brushing, and spraying. Compared to Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, the paint flows uniformly from brush to surface and loads smoothly onto a paintbrush, allowing for longer, more even brushstrokes. This kit comes in 10 x 30ml colors and is ideal for someone just starting with this distinctive, high-quality line of acrylics. Titanium White, Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium, Yellow Oxide, Pyrrole Red, Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), Phthalo Green (Blue Shade), Burnt Sienna, Carbon Black, and Fluid Application Guide are among the colors present. Acrylics are permanent once they are dried. Colors are present. 


R&F Pigment Stick Painter`s Dozen Collection


Oil paintings can be applied to wood, some metals, ceramics, canvas, or thicker boards in addition to these surfaces. These paints perform best with a primer as a foundation coat due to their oily base. As a result, your paintwork will last longer, and your oils will adhere to the surface more effectively.


The top linseed oil-based painting sticks are included in this R&F Pigment Stick Painter`s Dozen collection. These sticks will be a welcome addition to your paint palette because they are made of pure alkali refined linseed oil and purified natural plant and bee waxes. 12*38ml pigment sticks are included. Set of painting sticks made from linseed oil. These are exceptionally skilled at manipulating and highly pigmented. Get through barriers between artistic disciplines. Free Ampersand GessoBoard measuring 32 x 22 x 3 cm is included with the set, handcrafted in the USA. 


Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils


Because they`re so simple to use and require almost little setup compared to most other art mediums, colored pencils are a delightfully dynamic medium greatly adored by artists and enthusiasts alike! This article will help you decide which colored pencils to buy by addressing such crucial issues as quality, consistency, type, durability, and more, regardless of whether you`re brand new to colored pencils or looking to learn more about this adaptable medium.

Professional-quality colored pencils with soft waterproof leads are available as Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils. The excellent pigments in these pencils provide unmatched lightfastness and color vibrancy. Due to their oil base, they can work on many surfaces and materials, including paper, cards, textiles, and plastic. Polychromos leads can be sharpened to an excellent point, allowing them to color huge regions and minute details.


This exquisitely packaged tin of 120 Polychromos Pencils offers the whole color spectrum, making it the ideal gift for anyone who takes their illustrations and drawing seriously.


Cass Art Canvas Board


Canvas cloth is used in canvas boards and panels. The fabric is backed with substantial cardboard. This is excellent for little paintings. However, the canvas board gets heavier as the pictures grow larger.


This is the ideal canvas board for you to employ in the creation process, whether you`re an expert painter or just starting on your artistic path. Primed canvas is wrapped around canvas boards and adhered to the back. They are ideal for rapid sketches, more skilled small-scale paintings, and those on a budget. We have the blank canvas for your mixed media collage that will work with acrylic paints, oil paints, or whatever else you could use.


Stretched canvas can be substituted with Cass Art Canvas Board, which offers superior quality. They are ideal for al fresco painting because they are robust and more portable. These canvas boards have a medium grain surface and are triple-gesso primed, making them perfect for mixed media, oil, and acrylic applications. It is an excellent, trustworthy substitute for stretched canvas.


When you are operating your business on a tight budget and unsure when your next paycheck will arrive, it cannot be easy to justify the expense of expensive goods. However, there is a narrow line between spending less on materials that are on sale and saving frustration and time by using artist-grade materials. Buy your art supplies from cass art.