After a long hiatus. Finally, travel has slid back into our lives, and rightly so. You must continue reading if you`re a travel enthusiast with an itch to explore the world. Exploring the European summer while sightseeing in the city, breezy evenings by the sea, and camping along the mountains are quite dreamy.


Europe is filled with innumerable picturesque locations, historical landmarks, colossal museums, monumental cathedrals, flavorful food, activities, camp by the beach, and whatnot. It is easy to get overwhelmed by such a large number of choices.   


Canvas Holidays


It is a holiday/travel service company designing luxury travel and holiday trips around Europe for tourists and families alike. They offer amazing plans at sought-after destinations and lodgings in exotic campsites and resorts to make your experience unforgettable. Enjoy sand and sun in Spain, witness Italian heritage sites, and take a stroll through vineyards in France, with Canvas holidays` specially curated itinerary. 




Costa Dorada


Costa Dorada, the golden coast with clean turquoise waters, is world-renowned among travelers and expands to about 216 km. It is also home to beautiful villages, olive groves, almond farms, vineyards, and market gardens. Beautiful small towns, around historical castles and forts, give you an authentic small-town living experience. There`s something for everyone, from historic Roman civilization to exotic resorts, to water adventure parks. 


Look back in time with the old city tour, explore the grand memorial Pont Del Diable, a pedestrian bridge built by Romans, and witness Passeig Arqueologic, historic walls of the city bringing back medieval times in front of the eyes, along with a tour of Roman Amphitheatre, Tarragona Museum of History and Museu Diocese for Flemish artistry. 


Besides history and culture, spend a day at Port Aventura Aquatic Park. Splash around in the lazy river, dive in the wave pool, slip down through trepid slides, or try the thrill at Port Aventura amusement rides, and it is the perfect place to create life-long adventure memoirs. 


Indulge in a genuine camping experience, and Costa Dorada offers many wonderful camping options. Numerous activities, enjoy by the poolside, water slides, and play areas or just enjoy the laid back relaxed time to soak in the sun and views. The choice is yours.






A 2500-year-old megapolis that has enjoyed a massive history of feats, army, colossal architecture, and generous civilization, it is a world tourist hub. Packed with abundant attractions, it is rich in historic, political, and religious character, where you witness the ruins of the faded glory of Roman gladiators at the iconic Colosseum arena. In addition, history buffs can visit the historic Catholic Pantheon church, walk through the striking Roman Forum, once a public center, or marvel at the attractive architecture and artifacts at St. Peter`s Basilica and Vatican Museum or the Baths of Caracalla, functional for around 530 years.  


Apart from historical landmarks, Rome is home to art galleries, delectable cuisine, and gelatos you can enjoy on the streets. Experience this multi-faceted city as you take a stroll like a local. The city offers nightlife, open-air opera shows, and bar hopping for urban city-loving travelers. If you`re into recreational leisure, then Rome has camping site options, which offer great resort accommodations loaded with leisure niceties. 






Normandy is a place of ancient castles, vineyards, gorgeous shorelines, harbor, woods, quaint towns, countryside, and fishing villages, making France one of the most sought-after destinations. It has an array of attractions you should not miss. 


Start your trip by visiting Rouen, a town established on the Seine River, built with cobblestone streets, and lined with old-fashioned houses and architecture. There are several distinctive places and reasons to explore this place. The historic Great Clock, gothic architecture churches, boutiques, and the place of Joan of Arc`s trial, make it a sought-after destination. 


Honfleur is a beautiful classic Norman site with a fishing port lined with multicolored houses. Its` harbor has been one of the earliest points of trade with Canada, Africa, and the Antilles in the Renaissance era. Tin addition, the city`s unique location where the Seine River meets the English Channel makes it a prominent part of Normandy.  


Just two hours away from Paris Honfleur offers boundless touristic activities and attractions like Le Jardin Des Personnalites Garden, Seine Estuary Nature reserve, Plage du Butin, beautiful Chateau de Orcher, and the kid-friendly Carousel de Honfleur. This place has everything for everyone.


Canvas Holidays offers a range of camping sites across Costa Dorada `Spain`, Rome `Italy`, and many more European destinations. Camping sites at resorts and the beach are fully equipped with activities, city exploration, and an amazing dining experience. 


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