Arranging for a birthday present, your best friend`s bachelorette. Your nephew`s baby shower, or just another milestone your family member just achieved. All of these blessings come with a heavy responsibility of making the most of them.

When we really get into thinking about the right décor, theme, and present, it all comes down to us racking our brains for something special, amazing, fun, and memorable, all at the same time! Well, no need to fret any long, here are five amazing budget-friendly ideas for you to juggle with. 

A Dessert and Fruit Board

A dessert table with plastic cups and soft drinks to one corner and a plain chocolate cake in the center sitting on a platter with a plate of home-made cookies to the other side, this is the typical image of a dessert table at memorable occasions that pops in mind when we think of it.

Aiming to avoid the same old desperate image, this one is a perfect addition to your dessert table. A fine board with multiple combinations of fruits and chocolates will grab the attention of all and would make it a memorable treat for birthdays, anniversaries, and bridal showers of your beloveds`.

Chocolate-dipped strawberries and star-shaped pineapples make it a treat for adults and kids alike. You can also go for separate boards of cookies and cupcakes, and everything sweet and a separate one for fruit-packed joy.

A Fruit or Chocolate Bouquet

Bouquets are a cliché choice, but in most cases are their got to present, whether it is someone`s birthday, wedding, anniversary, or even if this someone is being visited in the hospital. So, if you`re looking to impress your partner, or wish a family member a quick recovery on another important day, this one`s for you.

A fruit bouquet, with pineapple, mangoes, apples, and strawberries arranged in the shape of flowers and leaves much similar to real bouquets. You can arrange for a chocolate bouquet for that one sweet tooth and watch their faces bloom with awe and a smile that reaches their eyes.

A Cookies and Cupcakes Platter

As a kid born in the `90s or even the `2000s, every party you ever attended or held on your own had the plain old dish of chocolate cookies and milk. Watching the same boring item repeat is a grueling task at best. Here`s a little tweaking that you can do to make that dish strive again.

A platter of cookies of all flavors, a savory number of colorful macarons, and confetti cupcakes put together will become the life of the table before you`d know it! You can decide on other different combinations as well and not only it is going to be a wonderful table item but would also be an excellent surprise present for both your kids and grandma!

A Bundle of Flowers

As for-mentioned above, though flowers and bouquets are a cliché choice, there are moments and times when no better gift would suffice or suit the task as best as would flowers. But you don`t have to get just any bouquet but you can try putting some extra bit of effort into picking them yourself and making sure they hold the reason you are giving them for.

Roses are an astounding choice if given to a loved one but if you are a little shy of writing a note along with it you can always match the flowers with a bakery item, a small cake, or a cupcake for that matter. Make the day of the person you`re visiting wherever that might be, make it as special as you can.

A Plushy with Sweets

Plushies have been a popular choice in the case of kids. They make the perfect choice for a kid`s birthday, Christmas, or even if they are in the process of recovering in the hospital. But it would be unfair to say that those same plushies are not capable of putting a just as bright smile on the face of an adult.

Not only would it a make beautifully thoughtful gift but one that surpasses the longevity of sweets that they`d get with it. Pairing this present with cupcakes, chocolates, or bouquets, will make it more special than it already is regardless of who receives it.

These ideas would make your family occasions and special days extra special. With their unique approach to helping, you express your love and appreciation to all the people around you who deserve it all the more. Edible arrangements support your creative side in making memories with family and friends. So, take the ultimate leap of faith and spread love as much as you can, since Edible got you covered for all your `specials` ahead.