Once, when you were little, did you ever pretend to be your favorite character and have a hideaway all your own? Maybe you wanted a cool safespace but you just couldn’t figure out how to build one. Well, guess what? Treehouse Supplies can help make those childhood dreams come true.


This company can turn the boring backyard into a place for adventure. For over 15 years, they’ve been helping people build their dream treehouses, challenge courses, zip lines, rope swings and more. They have everything you need, from safe building materials to expert advice on design and building. Regular inspections are provided to ensure long-lasting fun and safety. Whether you have a plan or need ideas to get started, they can help you create a one-of-a-kind treehouse experience.


Curated Plans for You

Safe treehouse plans made by experts are offered and include detailed pictures, supply lists, and matching hardware kits.


One Tree Plans

Build your classic hideaway – These plans are designed for one tree, with different sizes and shapes to choose from. Want a cool playhouse in your backyard? Pick a scheme. The Coronado one lets you build a 6-foot square lodge while the Kaibab plan helps you build a special 8-foot wide hideaway shaped like a honeycomb on a single tree. Choose an enclosed space, an open platform, or even a combination of both.


Multiple Tree Plans

Build a one-of-a-kind outdoor space with these special plans. Choose the Tioga plan for a small, cozy playhouse (4’x 8’) perfect for little explorers. It’s easy to build, even for beginners. Or, pick the Tahoe one for a bigger space (8’ x 14’). This package lets you build a platform to play on or even a whole little house on top. Both plans use two strong trees to hold up a fort, so you can pick the size that’s best for your recreation.


Ground Breakers Post Plans

 These use a tree for some support but also need poles in the ground for extra strength. Pick from different shapes and sizes to create your special fort. Choose the Finger Lakes Standard for a big fort, (8’ x 16’). It utilizes one tree and two poles in the ground for support. You can build a closed-in room or an open platform. Or, pick the Pirate Ship plan for a smaller, pirate-themed fort, 6 feet wide and 12 feet long which lets you build a cool pirate ship room.


Individualized Designs

You can design your ideal hangout spot with Treehouse Supplies as their custom design package creates a blueprint just for your backyard. You’ll be connected with real experts and from the very beginning, you’ll get a list of exactly what you’ll need and a clear plan to follow. It’s like having a whole team of super helpful friends show you how to build the coolest fort ever, on the block.


Kits and Essentials

Bring a fun vibe to your backyard – Build a bridge, swing or zip line. Heritage One Tree Kits have everything for a playhouse around one tree, with strategies to help you build it. Standard Rope Bridge Kit lets you connect places in your yard. Rope Swing Kits are fun for everyone and can be hung on a tree or anywhere in your area. Zip Line Supplies come in all sizes for the best outdoor fun. All supplies are safe and long-lasting, made with strong materials.


Hardware and Tool Set

The Hardware collection offers the strongest Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs) made in the USA, perfect for big projects that hold lots of weight. They also have heavy-duty lag bolts for smaller builds. These bolts are all treated for the best quality and come in different sizes.


Hammocks, Loft and Climbing Nets

Treehouse Supplies makes custom hammocks, loft nets, cargo nets, and climbing nets that last a long time. They use strong and sturdy materials so you can enjoy them inside or outside. For lounging, there are two great choices. For hammocks, pick a Cargo Climb Loft Net with thick ropes for safety, perfect for lofts, decks, or balconies. Or get a Double Stacked Net with two comfy levels to hang out in your room. It saves space and keeps things airy. Great for hammocks, lofts, balconies, and tiny homes too.


Gear and Accessories

This company offers a bunch of fun things to add on, making your playhouse even more engaging. For hot days, there are Water Cannons, perfect for friendly water fights. Love to zoom around? Pick a slide from their wide selection or you can even put it together yourself to fit the playhouse height. Climb lovers can order from a whole collection of Climbing Gear, including harnesses, ropes, and helmets, to keep them safe while climbing.



This corporation prioritizes protecting the environment. They understand the importance of conserving natural resources and work hard to make sure all their products and practices are eco-friendly. One key way they achieve this is by only offering building materials, hardware, and accessories designed to work with trees without causing lasting harm. This focus on minimizing damage promotes their overall health and lifespan, ensuring the customers can enjoy their dream fort in the trees for years to come.


Built to Last

Knowing many customers build forts for their children, safety is a top concern at this company. They offer secure building plans and well-made hardware. This ensures a strong fort, keeping your loved ones safe and happy.


Ending Remarks

Treehouse Supplies caters to all your lodge dreams, offering everything from play structures to Rental and Retreat styles. Choose from single-tree clubhouses to multi-tree playscapes. They even provide a wide selection of hardware, kits, and accessories to ensure a fun and secure building experience. Sustainability is a priority, and their high-quality products ensure your dream hideaway becomes a reality. Check out their website to explore the cool designs and get help building your own.