Women hoard jewelry just like dragons hoard gold. Swarovski is the world`s leading brand name in jewelry that is loved by women all around the world. This an old Austrian jewelry brand that has made its name for its beautiful and sparkling crystal jewelry. The company`s main focus is on its decorative and classy vintage style crystals. The company aimed to design crystal jewelry as an imitation of diamonds. However, after 125 years they have made themselves the leading firm in Crystal jewelry.

The brand occupies a unique position in the jewelry sector. They sell high quality man made crystals and jewels that are outstanding at imitating real diamonds and gemstones at a quarter of the price. They have transformed their crystals into a brand in itself, establishing themselves as a global leader in the `high quality yet affordable` jewelry category, rather than selling them as low cost knockoffs.

Their design process is unrivaled, from design concept to collection presentation. Every piece tells a narrative and exhibits over 125 years of perfected workmanship, with an emphasis on trend curation, design, and purposeful branding. They are the pioneer in crystal cut creations due to the continual improvement of products and techniques.

The crystal jewelry of the brand varies in both pricing and quality, that is one of the main reasons for the brand`s popularity, it has something for everyone. The crystal jewelry has a unique sparkle and beauty that is lacking in several natural crystals. The quality of the Swarovski crystal is superior due to the presence of lead, quartz, sand, and minerals these help in maintaining the everlasting shine and durability.

What Swarovski Offers

The jewelry brand is famous for its sparkling and high quality jewelry articles. These articles include earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and brooches. Other than the jewelry, you can also find beautiful decoration pieces made from high quality crystals.

They offer exclusive Christmas decoration pieces along with various other designs of decoration, such as Disney characters, Zodiac signs, Warner Bros. Characters, Nature inspired, and other classic home decorations pieces.

Their watches are an example of beautiful craftsmen. These timeless pieces reflect the quality of the crystals. Available for both men and women, the watches are waterproof and have jewelry inspired designs. Several material options for straps are available for customers to choose from, from stainless steel watches to leather strap watches, silicon strap watches, and metal strap watches, they have choices for everyone.

Accessories such as pens, smartphone cases for both Android and Apple, key rings, hair accessories, handbags, sunglasses, and masks are also among the sought after products of Swarovski.

Swarovski Jewelry Never Tarnishes

Crystals or any other form of jewelry must be used cautiously and should be taken care of. Swarovski crystals, like any real crystal, are prone to damage; they must be protected from physical harm, should not be left in the open air for long periods, and should be cleaned properly and regularly.

The crystals vary from natural crystals in that they have a chemical coating that can tarnish more easily than natural crystals if they are subjected to excessive sweat, fragrances, or washed with harsh detergents.

How to Tell if Your Swarovski Piece Is Real?

As with the case of any popular brand, many fake Chinese products are being sold as authentic brand jewelry. The brand`s famous Swan pendant is the most sold counterfeit jewelry article. To check whether your crystal jewelry is real or convincing imitation, you should check its authentication by following ways: 

●       The crystals should be free from any kind of bubbles.

●       All facets of the crystals should meet and point upward.

●       All the crystals should be identical in size and shape.

●       The crystals have a beautiful shine and sparkle.

The best method to check whether you`ve purchased a fake or a real jewelry piece is to check for its authentication seal. Swarovski Seal Crystals provide the most up to date security features. Aside from the hologram look, each seal tag and sticker carry a unique 16 digit code in front of the label or sticker, right beneath the seal.

A Sustainable Brand

The company is proud to claim that it has adopted the sustainability model to lessen the bad environmental effects. They have improved the sustainability credentials of their brand by responsibly resourcing and recycling the raw materials. They are also playing their part in reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses and the production of waste. The jewelry brand is inclusive and celebrates diversity with its classic jewelry articles.

A Brand For You

The vision behind the creation of Swarovski was to provide high quality jewelry. Since diamonds are expensive and very few people can afford them, the brand made it possible for people to purchase a high quality diamond imitation within their budget. Unless someone has an eye for diamonds, they can not be distinguished. However, now Swarovski crystal jewelry has made a brand name of itself and does not require people to buy it as an imitation brand. The company has its stores in 3,000 stores in over 170 countries. It`s the brand logo, the swan is known around the world.