More than half of 2022 has flown by us, and soon the sweater and bonfire weather will be here. While the transition from greens to fall foliage is quite a sight, however people welcome the season wholeheartedly. And what is more interesting is how our wardrobes turn from light hues to darker, from breezy fabrics to knits, which is quite what almost everyone likes. So if you`re a fashion fanatic, or enjoy jazzing up your wardrobe, then stay along to know the fabulous trends that too at great value at H&M.


Colours & hues:


Whether you love to keep up with the latest colours, the colours this season are all about mixing and complementing deep shades of green like forest green and moss green and diversifying to deep indigo and blues with fiery and burnt tones of red and orange. 

However, colours like buttermilk, shades of vibrant shocking pink, lighter duskier shades of blues, greige (a mix of beige and grey), Kermit green, and ecru are also BIG this season. All these fab colours can be found in a world of numerous styles and what`s interesting is monotone outfit styling and playful contrasting are all in. 




Rib Dress


Among all the trendiest fall fads, rib dresses rank high. They are comfy, versatile and super stylish and can be dressed up and down and accessorized according to the need. H&M surely has some great rib dresses for this fall in different lengths, necks, fits, sleeves, colours and styles. They are a perfect pick for any fall day this year. Rib dresses are sure to suit anyone, from light and earthy tones to warmer shades to deep darks. They are versatile and can be well put together with outerwear like jackets, vests and coats.


Over-size Shirts


No matter the weather, oversized shirts can be worn any time of the year. They are easy to wear, oh-so-comfortable and always come in handy when you don`t want to dress up much. However, it could also be a conscious choice to be trendy, and this fashion is one of those unisex trends everyone loves. H&M brings a massive range of styles in numerous colours and fabrics to find your perfect pick, whether a button-down, sweatshirt or tee. 


Outer Wear 


Puffer Coats and Jackets


One of the most loved trends to grab this fall is those puffy, light weighted, quilted jackets, vests and coats. The reason it has been making waves is that not only does it look uber stylish, but it also provides warmth on those chilly fall nights out. They are great for wearing even in the daytime but choose wisely because the insulation level differs according to to need and style. H&M Fall`22 collection has this style in current favourite shades of burnt orange, tomato red, fiery oranges and more with quality to last.


Trench Coats


Trench coats are a must-have item for this weather. Don`t they look classy? Available in various styles, jazzed up with belts, buttons, lengths and colours are always autumn essentials, keeping you warm and stylish in the chilly and windy weather. So this fall, get your hands on the nudes, sandy, earthy, forest greens or vibrant yellows and pinks. There`s a big colour palette to choose from.


Wide Leg Trousers


The ease of wearing them everywhere, anywhere, and no matter how long has effortlessly made this style a crowd winner. This style is back with a bang, surely staying in trend for quite some time as it can be worn at home, in the office, flaunted at parties or on a night out as well. They are airy yet well-fitted to compliment your body and look perfect if clubbed up with a bunch of options from button-down shirts to tuck in, and even smarter with a jacket, blazer or faux fur coat. They make a killer combo with monotone articles and contrast to create a colour block look. Find some loved colours such as forest green, Kermit green, fiery orange, buttermilk, neutrals and even vibrant pinks to spruce up your outfit. There is something for everyone from athleisure pants, balloon pants, sports to tracksuits to flared pants. 



No matter what you wear, an outfit is incomplete without adding the right amount of accessories. They lift your look, and H&M has got you covered with their accessory range, including scarves and ponchos perfect for layering in autumn weather, felt slippers, belts, vests, sunnies, chunky sneakers, hats, chunky loafers and what not!