`Pets understand humans better than humans do. ` – a quote by a famous Indian author, Ruchi Prabhu.


We definitely agree! Pets are human`s greatest friends. They teach us about empathy and responsibility. Whether you have a dog, cat, turtle, bird, or anything in between, pet ownership can be a wonderful experience. There are two types of people in the world – # 1 pet owners and the rest. Well, we all know that one person in life who love their pet like it`s their child or best friend. Whether your pet has achieved a milestone or it is your pet lover friend`s birthday, it can be tricky to find a perfect gift for your pet-tastic friend that they`ll find helpful. From getting custom collars, sweaters and toys to delicious food treat for your pet or the pet lover friend in your life, there are plenty of ideas to celebrate the love of these dedicated creatures in unique ways. For all the people in your life who love their pet as much as their family, get them a thoughtful present they`ll paw-sitivly love. Even our pets show us unconditional love with each passing day, and that kind of loyalty deserves gifts and treats more often. 

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So, are you curious about what to gift someone who devotes all of their love to their furry baby? We have put together a list of unique gifts for you or people with pets.


Goody Box


Your pet lover friend would be surprised enough to receive a fun pet goody box for their furry friends. You can get a variety of awesome goody boxes for dogs and cats by heading to our favourite pet store Chewy. They have several options, as per your liking, that include unique treats, toys, healthy supplements, bandanas and as many items as you want. The best part about Chewy goody box is that no subscriptions are required. You can easily pick a package of your choice and get it delivered to your doorstep. Your pet-loving friend will indeed have a blast treating their fur baby with those goodies.  


Pet Books


Books carry the power to touch our hearts but imagine what would happen if that book revolves around a pet animal? Books that feature animals include an autobiography, a mystery series, fantasy or guidance about pet care. So, if you know someone who is into animals, we recommend gifting a book that will cheer them up. There is a lot of range in the books category as well. But our top pick is Unlikely Loves by a National Geographic writer Jennifer Holland. The book gives humans a glimpse into animals` powerful, unconditional love. It can easily be available at your nearest book store. If you don`t want to miss an amazing deal, order your book now via Chewy to avail a limited-time discount up to 75%.


Personalized Gifts


Who wouldn`t love receiving a personalized pet-themed gift? If you want to add a special touch to your gift, you have a wide range of options, from mugs to tote bags and t-shirts to photo frames. For example, you can get a ceramic mug or a customizable t-shirt with a pet`s photo and a unique phrase - for you or your favorite pet parent friend. So be it for a kitty, bird or reptile owner, and a personalized gift could be one-of-a-kind idea which could be featured with the pet`s name or its adorable picture. We believe this is a perfect budget-friendly gift idea that is super creative and super cute, as well.


Wall Art / Hanging


Fill a pet owner`s home with wall decor that everyone will appreciate. You can get a ready-to-hang art piece or even a photo frame as a gift for a fellow pet parent. A beautiful portrait of a pet animal is also a thoughtful present for a pet owner. Adding a statement in any room with a customized wooden key holder that features your pet`s picture or a cute quote is also a unique idea. We found one of such personalized key holders at Chewy and couldn`t get over it. The Frisco "Classic Photo" Rustic Wood Personalized Key & Leash Holder is everything you need for a pet lover. Keys, bags, leashes, hats or anything - you can hang in easily there.


Gifts are a great way to improve the quality of your pet`s time and show them the love they deserve. With that in mind, why not choose a unique pet-themed gift idea from the above list, which will undoubtedly be a guaranteed win. If you are looking for more gift ideas, make sure to browse the huge gift collection for pets of all types at Chewy.