Ever wake up feeling gross and sweaty after a long night’s sleep? Lots of people have trouble sleeping because they get too hot at night. But imagine a bed that stays cool all night, so you can finally snuggle in and doze off peacefully. That’s the idea behind sleepme mattresses that are designed to control your sleep temperature, so you don’t have to toss and turn searching for a cool spot.


Sleepme is a supportive community designed to help you improve your rest. It is well-known for its award-winning sleep products. Therefore they created ChiliSleep, to help people get a better night’s nap. The wise team offers a wealth of resources to guide you on the path to better sleep. Their team combines real-world experience with scientific knowledge to understand and address sleep struggles. The company believes that getting a good night’s sleep is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, they’ve gathered decades of knowledge to create a one-stop shop for everything sleep-related.


The website offers a curated collection of products, providing all the tools you need to personalize your path to a better lifestyle.



State-of-the-art Dock Pro


The Chilipad Dock Pro, 2022’s top sleep invention, personalizes your comfort. A water-filled pad integrates into your mattress, letting you choose your ideal temperature, from cool to warm. Perfect for couples, each side can have its setting. Program it to adjust throughout the night for optimal sleep. The comfortable, washable pad is free of electrical components, so no electromagnetic field worries. Create a cooler, more comfortable space with the Chilipad Dock Pro.



Comfort Elevated


Want a bed that stays cool (or warm) all night? Try the Chilipad Cube Bed Cooling System! Set your perfect temperature, from warm to cold, for the entire bed. The comfy, dual-sided topper offers customizable coolness. Easy controls adjust the temperature, and the whole system fits discreetly under your bed. Installs in minutes and washes in the machine for seamless maintenance.



Effortless Sleep Tracking


Sleep soundly and learn how to improve your rest with the newest no-fuss optimal tracker. Place it under your mattress and forget all worries. Track your sleep – stages, heart rate, and deep sleep – all without wearing anything or needing to charge. Get your best sleep ever – nights that feel relaxed and mornings that rejuvenate you.



Smart App


With the Sleepme app, you can control the ChiliPad Dock Pro right from your phone, and even set your sleep schedule and temperature for the whole night. It also tracks your sleep quality and health data like how long you slept deeply and your heart rate. Install the app and see how your sleep changes and gets better over time with tracking.



Elegant Design


Sharing a bed with your partner but can’t agree on the thermostat? The “WE” topper has you covered! This special mattress pad lets each person cool their side of the bed, so you can both rest soundly at your perfect comfort level. Sleep alone? No problem! The single-zone “ME” topper keeps you comfy for less. No matter how you sleep, ChiliPad has a solution to help you drift off to dreamland at your perfect temperature.



Adjustable and Flexible


The Chilipad mattress is covered in cool mesh to help you sleep comfortably. It stretches to fit all bed sizes, even big ones like Cal King. It works great on adjustable beds too. Simply lay the pad directly on your mattress for a super convenient setup.



Easy Temperature Control


The latest mattress pad lets you change how cool or warm it feels. You can easily adjust it using your phone app, buttons on the pad itself, or even a remote. This way, you can pick the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep and keep the phone out of bed if you want.



Risk-Free 30-Night Trial


Thinking about getting the bed cooling systems but are not quite sure? Consider it handled as the company offers a 30-night sleep trial so you can test it out at home for a whole month. This gives you plenty of time to see if it makes your bed nice and cool for a good night’s nap. No pressure to decide right away – just snuggle in and test it out!



Guaranteed for a Year


Sleepme prioritizes quality and peace of mind. Their products are covered by a one-year limited warranty, ensuring you can enjoy your purchase worry-free. This warranty protects against repairs or replacements due to malfunctions for a full year.


Recognizing that perfect sleep routines are unrealistic, this company prioritizes understanding your individual needs. Their science-backed products are designed for durability and are easy to use. By helping you identify what works for you, they empower you to make small, impactful improvements to your sleep, even on busy schedules. Don’t stress about achieving perfect sleep – just aim to improve gradually. Browse their website to explore their latest offerings and discover how small changes can lead to big improvements in your sleep quality.