Created almost two decades ago, can unarguably be considered the pioneer provider of fitness and dietary supplements. During its decades long fitness journey, it has helped many people to achieve their fitness goals. Now considered the world`s largest online fitness store, it includes hundreds of fitness products and recipes for everyone. The main idea behind the creation of such a versatile online fitness platform is to make everything that you may require for your fitness program, available under one roof.

They claim to be there at every step of your journey by being an all rounder coach. From being your personal trainer to your nutritionist by providing you with your meal plan, they are passionate about your transformation. They are the provider of the technology, tools as well as products you need to burn unnecessary fats and build the necessary muscles, the company is its customer`s best support group.

The American based online fitness retail store can readily be compared with traditional gyms, but it is superior. Whereas in a gym, your trainer may simply provide you dietary advice and meal plans, can give you both the advice and whole packs of supplements and other goods to help you get started on your fitness journey.

Shop on the Website

The website has categorized fitness products and supplements into 8 categories. From pre workout supplements to post workout supplements, you can find everything under one roof. For building muscles, you may require protein supplements and creatine supplements. Vitamins and health supplements are also available along with separate supplements specially designed for weight loss by burning fat and increasing metabolism rate.

Building muscles is an important part of the fitness journey. Amateur fitness freak solely on weight loss workout ignoring the need to gain muscle mass. has a huge variety of protein and creatine supplements such as whey protein supplements, whey protein isolates, weight gainer protein supplements, casein protein supplements, etc. For strictly vegan people, they have the option to choose plant based protein supplements.

The company provides its customers with pre workout boosters to increase exercise endurance. This helps you by improving your muscles so that they can withstand long hours of workouts. Post workout supplements are also available to provide your muscles with the much needed recovery to regain muscle strength. The health and wellness category of the website houses all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other wellness blends to support your health and fitness goals.

Workout Plans Designed for You

Since is a body fitness platform, its main aim is to provide its customers with customized and well fit plans for their bodies` needs. From beginner`s workout plans to advanced workout plans, they have a varying range of workout plans available for everyone. The workout plans include plans to gain muscle mass, improve your strength, lose weight, get fit and improve your performance.

These workout plans are specially designed by top names of the fitness field. One of the top instructors of is Jim Stoppani who has helped millions of people transform their lives. Jim has devoted his entire life to the science of body fitness. The workout plans found on the website are not free but they are certainly worth every penny.

Recipes Designed for You

The most interesting and useful element of is that they provide their customers with a huge range of easy and versatile recipes. The recipe section of the website has a recipe for every specialty diet such as vegan, low carb, high protein, high fiber, gluten, egg, and dairy free, low cholesterol, low fat, low sodium, and sugar, as well as a heart healthy diet.

If you are particular about the type of protein you intake then you can use the filter option to search your preferred protein recipe. The most favorable fact about the website`s recipe section is that they also take care of your craving, so you can find recipes for desserts and pasta, and eat them guilt free.

How to Get a Body Fit Membership?

The bodyfit membership is great for you if you want to start your fitness journey. The membership provides exclusive access to many different workout plans as well as meal plans. It provides you with complete and uninterrupted passage to the site`s sought after articles, nutrition recommendations, and even individual workout plans specifically designed to cater to your needs. 

Other than these benefits, you also get 10 percent off everything available in the store on already low members only pricing. The fast free shipping is another perk of joining Membership is at the low price of USD 6.99 per month or USD 47.99 per year. These prices are nothing compared to the benefits they provide.

What They Have For You since its inception has only one goal in mind, to transform its customers, meaning your life by providing quality dietary supplements, techniques, tools for a healthy and fit body. For them, customers come first, they will never let you lose your motivation by providing both paid and free written as well as video content. Their inclusivity and diversity make them the most fearless and customer driven fitness company.