An individual`s sleeping routine plays a significant role in shaping the health and future. Experts have deemed 8 hours of peaceful slumber each day, a necessity for every human being. If one is not sleeping well, then irrespective of his diet and exercises, he is prone to physical and psychological illnesses.

To have a peaceful nap, we must have a room equipped with the best of sleeping gears. Our mattresses are huge factor of our sleeping habits yet it is also one of the most overlooked despite its impact and importance. People tend to use the same mattress that lacks comfort for years. This kills the purpose and the users have to face backlashes such as backaches and body pains.

A new mattress may feel like a hefty investment but it will ultimately save you from painful nights. Acquiring a comfy mattress increases the productivity and efficiency by uplifting one`s mood and reducing anxiety.

If you`re not sure about how to look for a mattress suitable for your sleeping needs, this blog is written just for you. You can also check out Novosbed`s website for buying the best sleep gears at affordable prices.

Now, let`s dive deeper into the basics.

What to look out for when buying a new mattress:


First and foremost, when you`re on the lookout for the Perfect mattress, you`ll notice the dizzying amount of options. To get your bearings on track, start by considering the mattress types.

Almost all the mattress can be categorised into five different types:

  • Innerspring
  • Foam
  • Hybrid
  • Latex
  • Air bed

Innerspring was the most popular and traditionally acceptable mattress but with the passage of time, other types have made their name due to their benefits and qualities. Knowing about the specifics of each type can aid you in opting for the best mattress according to your preferences.

Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are made purely from foam and no coils. They provide contouring, pressure relief and isolation to the body making it perfect for couples and side sleepers. Memory foam are considered to be best in this category. Full Moon by Novosbed provides full support cooling gel foam with maximum comfort needed for peaceful sleep.

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Innerspring are built with coils while bouncier but provide no isolation and pressure relief. With a low price point, they are famous among budget shoppers.


Hybrid attributable to it`s name provides inner support from core and foam comfort. Their comfort system may be built up from latex, foam and small coils depending upon the built. They provide bounce, heat retention and contour to the users.

Latex mattress

Latex mattress are form with rubbers providing maximum comfort, durability and moderate comfort.

Air beds

Air beds are built with air chamber as their core. They can inflated or deflated with just a touch on mobile. They are flexible and firm.


Comfort is solely up to one`s preferences. But you can choose by using 1 10 method. Decide on the scale of one to ten, what do you want your comfort level to be. Start by observing your current bed. If you desire it to be softer or firmer. Try visiting local stores to try different mattresses.

Sleeping Positions:

Back sleepers

Back sleepers put the greatest stress on the back. With a soft mattress, the torso can sink deeper as compared to top and bottom with no support to the bending body. Back sleepers can do well with firm and medium firm.

Side sleepers

Side sleepers can hurt their body points on a firm mattress or get no support on the soft one. Medium soft or medium firm are the best for side sleepers.

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers like back sleepers who put great sprain on their lumbar spine. And they need firm mattress to keep them from suffocating themselves.


With Novosbed, Research, invest and set yourself up for a healthier lifestyle.