Inadequate and restless sleeping patterns are the leading factors for various physical and psychological illnesses. Sleepless nights for an inadequate amount of time, ultimately leads a person towards severe depression and anxiety. For many, sleeping is as easy as freshening up and heading to bed. Sleep hits swiftly as their head touches the pillow. Meanwhile for many, sleeping means hitting the bed and being fidgety all night.


Many mental health conditions also pose the risk to one`s resting time. Be it Insomnia or apnea, these in  still barriers to the development and growth of the human body. Scientists have discovered a few tricks to optimise the sleep cycle. Our brains will be at ease if they receive positive signals from our surroundings. In this blog, we`ll be exploring ways to improve your sleep quality.


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How to curate your bedroom for carefree sleeping:


Setting an appropriate room environment is crucial for building better sleeping habits. Room`s colour, airflow, temperature and organisation plays the critical roles in aiding the naps and rests to be fulfilling. So here is how you can cultivate your room for better  quality sleep.

The room must be decorated in a particular pattern providing you with a sense of serenity and warmth. Choose the designs that showcase your styles. Here is how you can accomplish this:




Declutter is one way to achieve the sense of stability and efficiency which aids in satisfactory sleeping conditions. Cluttered and messy rooms drive one`s mind towards nervousness and confusion. Thrash or give away unnecessary items. Keep your bed clean and emptied of any debris.


Appealing Colours and designs:


Paint your room with colours of your choice. By designing your sleeping area, your eyes would be pleased and will automatically make it easier for you to get to sleep comfortably.


New Bedding:


Investing in best quality mattresses and covers is the best way of prioritising one`s health. If you feel like your bedding is not up to your standards. Be it bedsheets, mattress or pillows, switch them with Octave`s Vista with Free comfort bundle for maximum comfort. Moreover, their Comfort Sleep Bundle is one of the top rated collection. You can add it to your bedding collection to attain utmost comfort.



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Spacious design:


Stuffy room can introduce a person to the claustrophobic feeling making the naps excruciatingly uncomfortable. Let your room be spacious and cosy.




Light plays a crucial part in one`s sleeping environment. One`s sleeping pattern can be greatly altered by the light. Keep the room dimly lit, bright or completely dark, it is all up to you preferences and what makes you comfortable and at ease.


Also reduce your screen time before bed because too much screen time refers to more exposure of eyes to the blue light. It disturbs the circadian rhythm or in layman terms; your sleep cycle and will keep your brain active. The Consequence of this is the increased difficulty in sleeping.




External sounds such as loud music or conversations can cause disruptions to one`s sleeping patterns and cause frequent awakenings. Many people tend to listen to podcasts and slow tunes to soothe their brains. If you live in a noisy city, try using noise cancelling devices or Breyer yet again white noise machines can be your saviour.




If your room smells funny or rusty, then the dream of having a nice rest will remain an unattainable reality. The right fragrances can significantly improve the mood and overall health. Doctors recommend aromatherapy for sleep deprivation in people. By inhaling the scents of essential oils, you can easily doze off in your blissful sleep.




For sleeping like a baby, you will need to set your air conditioning at appropriate temperatures that are neither high nor low. Keep a thermostat in your room and measure the temperature. The appropriate temperature should be between 60 and 71.


Air Quality:


Let the fresh air inside your room because fresh air is equivalent to good sleep quality. With the rise in pollution, every room must be equipped with air purifiers and filters. Pay special attention to the air quality of your room because fresh air also prevents mould build up and can prevent sleeping illnesses such as insomnia and excessive daytime sleeping.

Creating an adequate environment can excessively improve one`s health and sleep quality by miles. By improving air quality and overall sleeping conditions, you can prevent long term illnesses.

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